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The Night Kitchen team announce new venue, Outside Over There

25 August 2017


The Night Kitchen hung up its party ladle for the final time in June this year, as the Sheffield club vacated its Shalesmoor premises with housing developments looming nearby. 

The team behind TNK have now unveiled plans for their next venture, as they announced through a Facebook post that they have located a new space which will be launched on Friday 29th September with a show featuring a number of local DJs from across the bass spectrum.

The announcement in full:


"It’s been little over three years since we fell through the dark and into the light of The Night Kitchen, and now just over two months since we’ve had to vacate the little surreal world we had created for ourselves and others.

Upon returning from this dream land to the normality of our bed we’ve been filled with a sense that we still have many stories to be told, songs to be heard, and adventures to be had. We set our minds to searching for a new space for our story to continue, hunting high and low across the hills of Sheffield, before one night taking an accidental tumble backwards through our open bedroom window. We had stumbled across an untouched, never-before-used location, with only a few faded goblin footprints scattered around to hint at its past life. Upon raising our magical horn to our lips in joyful abandon, we danced in a frenzy late into the night, as we had found our new home. We invite you to journey with us to: the Outside Over There...

Outside Over There is the new club space bought to you by The Night Kitchen team, launching September 29th in Sheffield. Come join us in the next stage of our adventure…"


The name Outside Over There is again derived from the title of a Maurice Sendak publication, whose children's book In The Night Kitchen inspired the team's original space. The new venue will be located on Stevenson Road, in Sheffield's industrial suburb of Attercliffe. 

Tickets for the opening night of Outside Over There on September 29th, featuring Dr Cryptic, K-orse, Thorpey and more, are on-sale now through PFTP. A second opening night on the Saturday, 30th September, with a focus on house and techno, is also on-sale now.

Follow Outside Over There on Facebook for further news on upcoming events.