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Heading outta this world for Queer Prom III

11 July 2018

On Saturday 14 July, The Victoria in Dalston will be heading outta this world. Cult favourite Queer Prom is back with a bang for its third instalment, Queer Prom III: ASSTROLOGY.

This year’s party boasts a stellar line-up of pop, punk and alternative sounds, brought to you by hosts JOEY FOURR. Promising great vibes in an inclusive space, the event invites us to “live our best lives at the queer prom we never had.” Guests can choose an optional Solidarity Ticket to help fund schemes including free taxis for vulnerable guests, free tickets for essential PAs, and a charitable donation to Action For Trans Health, making Queer Prom III an accessible and unforgettable night for all.


Check out this recap of last year’s Queer Prom:



Photo and video by Poppy Marriott.



Dreamed up by a prom committee like no other, Queer Prom III is the brainchild of queer-femme-pop-punk band Charmpit and self-described punk witches Dream Nails. In the run-up night, we caught up with The Prom Committee to find out how things are shaping up.


First things first: could you tell us who you are, where you’re from, and what you do?


Your prom committee is made up of two London DIY punk bands – CHARMPIT & DREAM NAILS. Dream Nails are punk witches from North London and Charmpit are best femmes forever from South London via sunny California.


This is the third Queer Prom event – how did it all come about?


Dream Nails and Charmpit wanted to put on an inclusive, queer summer party for all our fans and friends. Half of Charmpit hail from the U S of A, so we all decided to transport everyone to an audacious American-style prom – but reimagined for a trans-inclusive intersectional feminist audience.


In the past we've featured Britney super covers, the sharpest tuxes and frothiest dresses imaginable, and an enormous inflatable stingray (who got taken home by someone at the end of the night)! Who knows what will go down in round three? The third event is centring our trans siblings. We're creating a platform for their intergalactic stars to shine.


You’ve chosen an exciting and eclectic line-up, from pop-punk rockers Queen Zee to The Queen of Hell, Jasmine Infiniti. What drew you to these artists, and what draws them all together?


We are so inspired by the music and message of these acts. What unites them is that a) they have something unique and powerful to say and b) they will bring the party like no one else around.


The party promises a fantastic night at the “queer prom we never had”. Why do you think the prom is such a cultural phenomenon, and what made you want to reimagine it?


Coming-of-age ceremonies are such an important marker of time in our society, yet many queer people don't get to blossom into their fullest selves at the same pace as straight counterparts due to societal pressures. Plus normal prom is SO GENDER and many queer babes wouldn't feel comfortable attending a mainstream one.


But this is the queer prom we never had! If you do away with some of the bullshit, you get yourself a fabulous celebration of life, love and 80s pop without having to navigate patriarchal beauty standards and gender norms.


Safety is unfortunately something that must be considered more than in straight focused club nights, so we have made sure that the Dalston Victoria is undertaking the Good Night Out Campaign training scheme ahead of Queer Prom.


That sounds like a really positive way to help make sure everyone has a safe night out. Could you tell us more about what this entailed and why it was important?


We knew that making Queer Prom a safer space for LGBTQIA+ folk meant asking the venue to support staff receiving training from the Good Night Out Campaign, who work to end sexual harassment and assault in venues, bars, clubs, and festivals across the world.


We really recommend that promoters and bands encourage venues to receive the Good Night Out training! Many venues don't know that GNO exists, and as promoters and bands we can put the pressure on venues be proactive! GNO Training is interactive and accessible whilst also being trauma-informed, providing insight on issues from myths surrounding harassment to barriers to reporting.


This time you’re going for an outta this world, ASSTROLOGY theme – what kind of vibe can we expect on the night?


We don't wanna give away too much, but there are gonna be some amazing acts. Queen Zee, Screaming Toenail and Leisure Centre are all performing. Our host for the evening is the incredible Joey Fourr. We'll crown the brightest supernova stars in the queer prom constellation, there'll be a photoshoot area for those prom pics and dancing to techno and disco / RnB with Jasmine Infiniti and Passionate Necking until late. Plus, all profits (after band fees) from this event will go to Action for Trans Health, who seek to improve trans* people's access to healthcare.


What made you choose this particular charity to support?


Action for Trans Health raises money to help trans people who cannot access healthcare through the NHS in a reasonable amount of time. Money raised at Queer Prom will go to Action for Trans Health's solidarity fund, which is open to applications from all trans, nonbinary, intersex, and gender non-conforming people living in the UK. Part of this funding is ring-fenced for trans people of colour. These small cash grants facilitate trans* individuals’ access to healthcare.


Beyond their life-changing grants, we chose this grassroots organisation because they campaign for trans people’s voices to be at the heart of decision-making about their own healthcare. They engage with medical professionals about trans* health, putting together workshops on trans* health needs and compiling lists of doctors known to be good with trans* patients. Their work also engages the trans* community about health issues, providing sexual health workshops, harm reduction information on self-medicating, and information on NHS funding structures.


You’re also offering a free taxi home within Zone 3 for transfeminine people and people with mobility needs. How did this scheme come about?


Almost every day, the transgender community worldwide wakes to news of yet another trans woman murdered. We want to make sure our trans siblings can get home safe and that everyone feels able to attend the event who would like to. Other guests can help make the night more accessible by choosing a Solidarity Ticket.


How do you feel about the queer party scene at the moment? What are you excited by?


We're really excited by the increase in trans inclusive nights although a lot more has to be done in this area. Collectives like Resis'Dance are doing amazing work centring people of colour in the queer party scene. And we love Butch, Please which does really cool stuff in terms of promoting female masculinity as an identity through awesome club nights.


xoxo your prom committee,


Dream Nails and CHARMPIT


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