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Are you ready for the Algorave?

6 July 2018

Tonight (Friday 6 July), community hub Access Space will be transformed into a buzzing maze of beats fuelled by binary. Expect to hear, see and feel the mechanics of the music as artists from around the world create algo-rhythms before your very eyes. This is algorave: a techno wonderland like you’ve never experienced before.

Quite simply, algorave is the place where coding and rave culture collide. Algorave artists generate sound by coding algorithms – often on the spot – using specialist software to transform programming into partying. You'll see them weaving live code from the stage to produce outrageous rhythms and crazy visuals, responding to the crowd in real-time.

Image by Antonio Roberts

If you’re thinking that maths is not your jam, prepare to have your mind changed by this super line-up of sound creators:


Wiping your brain with quantised noise since '16, back in Sheffield after far too long...



Visiting from Algorave India

Foxdot instigator down from Leeds

  • Innocent

Sheffield's own foxdot challenger

Algorave Sheffield residents dialing algorithmic techno up a notch



Plus, experience special remote performances linking with international friends:

  • Tadokoro

Streaming in live coded a/v from Tokyo



  • Olivia Jack

Streaming live coded visuals from Bogotá

Join us for Algorave on Friday 6 July at Access Space from 7.30pm.

>>Tickets from Party For The People <<



The venue: Access Space

As a venue humming with creative rhythms every day of the week, Access Space is well-placed to host this fusion of maths and music. No stranger to algorave, the space has accommodated performances by live coders from all over the world, and Friday’s event looks to be another impressive gathering.



If you’re feeling inspired by the algorave and want to learn more, be sure to check out another code-driven Access Space event: the TOPLAP moot from 1 - 3 September. Kicking off with a beginners’ live coding event for women and nonbinary people, the gathering will bring together experts and novices for a weekend of discovery. Experience a range of talks on live coding techniques and technologies, a jam session in the local peaks, and of course, another full-scale algorave.


Book your tickets here.



Coding for community

Algorithms have long been intertwined with electronic music; what sets algorave apart is its wholehearted celebration of the power of code. The term covers all sound which is "wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive conditionals." If that sounds technical, it’s because it is  – but the description is actually an algorithm-infused version of the official definition of rave.


Focused on their screens, algorave artists can seem closer to DJs than live musicians, but don’t be fooled. For many algoravers it’s all about dreaming up rhythms on the spot, rather than mixing recorded material. The visual experience can be jaw-dropping, too. Algoravers love to play with lights and graphics, and many will project the code around the room as they write it. Because who doesn’t think the inside of a computer is the perfect place for a party?

Image by Antonio Roberts

More movement than genre, algorave brings an eclectic bunch of people together: programmers, hackers and ravers along with the insatiably curious. The core community prides itself on rejecting hierarchies, so nights like Sheffield’s tend to steer clear of the idea of “headliners.” Algorave guidelines also highlight the importance of diverse line-ups, inclusive events and building new communities. With an ever-growing base of performers and party-goers, there’s no stopping the rise of the algorave.


Join us for Algorave on Friday 6 July at Access Space from 7.30pm. Tickets from Party For The People.


Words by Laura Mulvey