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New Shanti Celeste album out on Peach Discs next month

2 October 2019

NTS regular Shanti Celeste announces her debut album 'Tangerine' – it’s out on Peach Discs next month, the label she runs with friend and producer Gramrcy.

The album has samples of her own vocals, kalimba recordings and synth work across its ten tracks, combining the melodic nature of Detroit House with UK soundsystem tempos. She spoke of the freedom from restriction that comes with the LP format, saying creating an album feels like more of an "open-ended project. I could just keep creating until I felt like stopping".


The LP's Artwork is a painting by Shanti Herself

The album is out on November 15th – in the meantime, you can catch her returning to Sheffield for Pretty Pretty Good on 1st November, alongside DJ Stingray, Avalon Emerson, Pearson Sound and more - check the event on facebook.

Dowloard Voz and pre-order the debut album 'Tangerine' on Bandcamp.