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Cabaret Voltaire's legendary debut LP - Mix Up - turns 40

23 October 2019


40 years ago today, Sheffield’s Cabaret Voltaire released their debut LP ‘Mix Up’ through Rough Trade records. One of the originators of the 70s industrial movement, Cabaret Voltaire’s synth led post-punk excursions would become a pioneering influence in wider electronic music. 

Mix Up was a harsh, DIY take on the burgeoning post punk scene, with the band’s Dada art influences shining through in the album’s noisey experimentation. Recorded at the demolished Western Works studio just off West Street, Mix Up is a wicked experiment in industrial, and well worth revisiting despite its overshadowing by the bands later work.

Abrasive, dissonant and held together by funky, dubby basslines, the artistic links with New York’s contemporary No Wave scene are clear, highlighting the bands stylistic range - post punk, no wave, electro and EBM sounds from some local innovators. Founding member Stephen Mallinder has just returned to Rough Trade to release his first solo album in thirty five years - check it out here.