[Interview] Nichole “Sheffield is by far our least favourite suburb of London”

1 November 2019


If you have heard of Nichole, then it’s likely that you have been lucky enough to see them perform live. It would be fairly difficult for you to have heard of them otherwise because they have miraculously maintained zero internet presence whatsoever over the years. None of their music is readily available online, and searching for ‘Nichole’ on Bandcamp, Discogs and Spotify mostly produces results for aspiring ballad singers and emotional, piano-heavy backing tracks. This couldn’t be further from the experience of this band’s live performances. Described as a raucous mix of punk, techno and disco, they defy all expectations and continue to push and stretch the conventions of punk. Being so elusive, Nichole are the perfect edition to Hatch x Delicious Clam’s secretive Halloween Celebrations this weekend. We spoke to the members in order to mark their return to Sheffield and see what they have in store.

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To get things started, could you tell us some more about the origins of Nichole, who its members are, and how you came together?

We are Klaus, Rikter, Jonathan and Julian. Klaus + Riktor are both Berlin born whilst J + J are incestuous Brooklyn ex pats. We serendipitously met two times both laughing and scalding wannabees in the queues for Berghain and Kit Kat. After finding ourselves bitching about the same scene for the 10th time at one of Solomun's after-parties waiting for techno tapas we decided to laugh at the world together. We recently recruited our new member Shane in Australia when we overheard him naming and shaming fake bogans and knew we needed him onboard.

Could you name any specific people, genres or movements that have had a strong influence over your work?

The closest amount of respect we hold for any other human being involved in music is Cosey Fanni Tutti. And Pitbull.

You’ve performed in Sheffield before. What was your experience like then and what has bought you back this time around?

Sheffield is by far our least favourite borough of London. We have been fooled too many times by false promises. This upcoming performance is an act of revenge against the Sheffield audience.

Where would you say is your favourite place to perform?

We much prefer Barnsley.

As individuals, or as a group, what’s your approach to fashion, and how much importance do you place upon it day to day, or for your live performances?

Fashion is the reason we still live and breathe and gets us out of our squat toilet beds every evening. We argue every day over catwalk vs street and cry every night for Lagerfeld.

What can people expect from your live performance at Delicious Clam this weekend?

There is talk of a certain fellow mysterious European electronic artist making an appearance if our egos can bare it.

Where can people find your music if they like what they hear?

They never will.

What’s next in line for Nichole during the rest of 2019?

Bidding farewell to AW19 and laughing at Brexit.

Hatch and Delicious Clam are joining forces this Halloween to host a ‘four-day descent into the unknown’ across the city. The only way to experience Nichole’s music is to see it in person, so if you’re intrigued, make sure to seek out the main event on Friday night for the chance to see one of their performances for yourself. On the cards: interactive terrors, bands, DJ sets from Proteus, Steph Robinson and more.


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