Over £1700 raised as combined total for Sheffield Flourish, Saffron and Unity Gym

17 December 2019


During Spring 2019 we decided to raise funds for three charities via our Charity of the Month programme - Sheffield Flourish, Saffron (Sheffield Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service) and Unity Gym Project.

These three charities carry out important work within the local community, each serving distinct needs, but tied together by a common emphasis on supporting the improvement of mental health. Both were chosen by the former Lord Mayor Magic Magid as his supported charities for the annual Lord Mayor Charity Fund. 

Over the months of March and April, sales and donations on the PFTP platform all helped to contribute to the final donation amount, which totalled £583.33 for each of the three individual charities.

Big thanks to all our promoters and customers: you are the ones that make great donations like this possible. 

What do these organisations do?   

Sheffield Flourish

Sheffield Flourish is a mental health charity rooted in and owned by the community. Their website, which aims to raise awareness for those struggling with mental health, has grown to 1,000 monthly users since the charity’s launch in 2016. The website acts as a platform for people to share their personal stories about mental health, also functioning as a directory for mental health services within the city. 

Saffron (The Sheffield Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service)

Saffron offer a free counselling service to women in Sheffield who have experienced trauma or abuse, forming a key part of mental health services in the city. Founded in 1989, Saffron have been providing specialist therapy to trauma and abuse survivors for just over 30 years. 

The Unity Gym Project

Founded in 2010, the Unity Gym Project is both a gym and a registered charity based in Broomhall. The gym offers services to disenfranchised young people to empower them to make positive life choices and improve their health and wellbeing, as well as providing a safe space to members of the community.