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Gold Panda drops surprise album, as a free download

18 March 2019

Experimental producer and composer, Gold Panda (real name Derwin Dicker), has just shared a surprise album under new moniker, DJ Jenifa. The 9 track album, called Jag Trax, is available to stream on all platforms and download for free on the artist’s Bandcamp.

The release is made up mainly of sample-heavy hip hop tracks, inspired by the production style of golden age acts such as A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep and Naughty By Nature. A product of impromptu jams with the legendary MPC drum machine, the material comes mainly from the creative period around when Dicker wrote his last LP, 2016's Good Luck And Do Your Best. He explains:

“I would make these tracks that I could just play loud in the Jag, like when I was driving to [producer] Luke Abbott's studio to mix Good Luck And Do Your Best. They were songs that I could just bang out on the motorway and make the journey go quicker."

Listen and download here.


01. Dresscode

02. Tuesday

03. Trainfilters2

04. MLL

05. Whocares808_7B

06. ES1A31Flora

07. Whyileft122


09. Neverlearn

Photo credit: Laura Lewis