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Watch ‘A Spring in Lisbon’ - a short film on Lisbon’s thriving electronic music scene

29 May 2019

This short documentary explores the rise of the Portuguese capital’s electronic music and underground party scene, one characterised by a melting pot of cross-continental sounds and influences. Interviews with key artists and promoters, such as Batida and DJ Late, help explain how this thriving moment in the city’s musical history came to be.

DJ-Producer Batida, a key actor in popularising Angolan Kuduro within the city and indeed Europe more widely, points to Lisbon’s cosmopolitan character and history as important threads behind the current dynamic of the scene - “it is open to the world, it has colonized and has been invaded. If someone comes from North Africa or from France, he will always find a place that will talk to him "

Watch the whole film below (produced by Mogan Dherbeys, Melchior Ravier and Nicolas Breche of the Play the Dare Collective).