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19 June 2019

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points has just shared ‘Les Alpx’, his first new release since 2017’s Reflections - Mojave Desert.  ‘Les Alpx’ will get a vinyl release via Ninja Tune on July 12th, along with another new track ‘Coorabell’. After the experimental post-rock and jazz sounds of his recent releases, this new track sees the producer return to his dancefloor roots. 

Shepherd said of the new record:

"It's essentially the sound of me having loads of fun with the machines in my studio and going back to basics. I started going back to my early records and all the sounds I loved playing at clubs like Fabric and Plastic People. I wanted to capture the immediacy of that music and the feeling that I got when I was on the dance floor, of being immersed in a track that pulls you along instantly."