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Peggy Gou’s Starry Night Music Video Released

28 July 2019


Berlin based, South Korean DJ Peggy Gou has released a dreamlike, cinematic music video for her 2019 hit Starry Night. Exclusively launched on the 24thof July for Apple Music, the video features both the DJ herself and South award-winning South Korean actor Yoo Ah alongside traditionally-clad women, Korean school girls and the country’s beautiful temples.

Directed by the man behind various campaigns featuring the likes of Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky, Jonas Lindstroem’s newest project pairs various aspects of South Korean heritage with Gou’s track to depict those euphoric moments felt in dance.

Talking to Beats One DJ Zane Lowe, Gou detailed the ideas and creative process behind the video: “I wanted to do something that would make you dance like nobody's watching you […] we came to this idea and then we researched it deeply. Lindstroem found Ganggangsullae, which was a really old, traditional South Korean dance that they used to perform under the moon to bring in a happy New Years and stuff […] our goal was to achieve that everybody wants to feel alive and what connects people is music and dance.”

Having featured on the newest edition of DJ-Kicks’ compilation series, Gou now has plans to release her debut album.

Watch Peggy Gou’s Starry Night full video on Apple Music here.