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Laurent Garnier creates kickstarter for new documentary on techno music

8 July 2019

Superstar DJ Laurent Garnier has shared a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his new documentary, Laurent Garnier: Off The Record. The campaign has been set up to allow fans to be part of the creative process, with pledges ranging from £1 to £500. Backers are encouraged to pledge money to gain access to an exclusive Facebook page, from which they will be able to have a say in aspects of the film’s production. 

The documentary will be directed by emerging talent Gabin Rivoire, who has been following Laurent Garnier around for more than three years in an effort to document his career. “As a director, Laurent’s life is interesting, as it’s the perfect backbone to tell the story of techno music” Rivoire says in a video posted to the Kickstarter page.

After moving from France to England in the 1980s, Garnier became fascinated with the booming UK house scene and began DJing. He discovered the Hacienda after relocating from London to Manchester in 1986, and started performing there under the name DJ Pedro.

The documentary will feature interviews and contributions from other legends of electronic music including Carl Cox, Jeff Mills and Derrick May.

The crowdfunder is running until the 12th of July, you still can donate to the kickstarter page here.

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