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DIY Space for London to celebrate 4th birthday

11 September 2019


Located a little way down Old Kent Road in South London you’ll find the cooperatively-run social centre, DIY Space for London. Inspired by punk spaces in the US, founders of the building started to fundraise in 2012. With over £20,000 made, the group began to transpose ideas of mutual aid, teamwork and inclusivity onto London real estate. 

Now, DIY Space for London is celebrating four years of providing live events and collaborative spaces to the people, bringing karaoke and live performances on Saturday 14 September

Playing live, Electric Fire's kaleidoscopic party bangers invite all to dance, sing along and get lost in their world. Joining the party, Queer Pop group Underwire, hardcore collective Nekra and London’s shiny new drag king collective The Family Jewels are set to make appearances throughout the night.

For more insight into the beginnings of DIY Space for London, watch Oliver Ward’s documentary Making Space, detailing the ideas and people behind the communal space.