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ACCESS DENIED: WaterAid Society’s Fundraiser Festival coming soon in October

25 September 2019


A new fundraiser-festival for this year’s freshers season, ACCESS DENIED takes place on the 5th October at the new Temple venue on Queens Road.

A full day/ night affair, the festival has been set up by Sheffield University’s own WaterAid Society, with 100% of profits from the event directed to global sanitation and water-access charity, WaterAid. Founded in London in 1981, WaterAid is now active in over 25 countries across the world, working towards the vital mission of achieving universal access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

WaterAid/Jordi Ruiz Cirera

Talking about the event, organiser Sam explained: “In Sheffield there is a lot of inequality, if you look online at the 83 bus route that goes through the city, there is a life expectancy variance of 5.5 years for males and 5.3 years for females. This to me is crazy, all in one city, dependent on what area you are from. I just want to create a more sustainable world, where there are opportunities for everyone, and with the rise in knife crime, instead of blaming artists that speak about their environment, the government should look at ways of providing opportunities, and truly focusing their energy on alleviating inequalities which is one of the deep-rooted issues in the rise of violent crime.”

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From grime to garage to bassline and beyond, the festival has already confirmed over twenty sets across two rooms from the likes of Vandelay Radio Resident DJ Jamie Bryan, Chequered Wax founder Matty on Acid, NRTI, Crane Gang, J-Wayy, Ross Tiger, Audio Phaze, Sweetestcape, Ana Berrena, Sur-T and more. 

“There are so many talented artists in Sheffield but also such a lack of opportunities to perform, and as a result, they struggle to get seen by a wide audience. Many big artists miss Sheffield off their UK tours and I want to change this by showing the talent that is here already.”

With all profit going to an amazing cause, and with more acts being announced every week, click here to buy your tickets, or visit their event page for more information.

WaterAid's local groups are an essential part of Water Aid work, raising funds, taking campaigning actions and raising awareness of the global water, sanitation and hygiene crisis.

Fancy getting involved? Contact them now: wateraid@sheffield.ac.uk