Shanghai Treason on tour for homeless charity

4 March 2020


Sheffield-based folk-punk band, Shanghai Treason, are playing a string of fundraiser gigs during March in support of homelessness charity Crisis. They are set to perform in London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh, joined by a host of other bands and acts along the way.

The mini-tour comes after they played a number of fundraising gigs during Christmas 2019, again sponsored by Musicians Against Homelessness (MAH). 

Upcoming tour dates

Wed 4 March - The Water Rats, London
With The Babes · Crock of Bones · Harrison Rimmer - Tickets

Thurs 5 March -  Dead Wax, Birmingham
With Suckerpunch · Hot Little Hands · The Scumbags - Tickets

Friday 6 March - Corporation, Sheffield
With Velcro Teddybears · Bones Park Rider

Sat 7 March - The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh
With Jeanice Lee · Secret Public · Fight Robots Fight - Tickets

Original post - 18.12.2019

Sheffield's folk-punk band Shanghai Treason join forces with Musicians Against Homelessness for their UK tour.

Musicians Against Homelessnes was launched in 2016 by Alan McGee, former Oasis guru and current manager of The Jesus & Mary Chain, Black Grape and Happy Mondays. It has organised over five hundred MAH benefit gigs around the UK featuring over 1000 artists.

McGee said: “The homeless situation in the UK is sickening and shocking but there is a growing awareness of the desperation people at the bottom have to endure, thanks to the musicians who back us.”

Rock and pop stars including Shaun Ryder, Cast, James, Dodgy and many more have backed the cause; which looks set to have an even bigger impact this year.

MacGee also believes that the MAH campaign gives new bands a platform, in the same way that Rock Against Racism did in the 1970s. “Music brings us together regardless of politics or social standing. It’s a great leveller and a vital tool for change.”

You can listen below to Shanghai Treason’s debut single ‘Devil’s Basement’, out now on Kycker Records.


Wed 18 December - Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
With PYRO, Chris Greig & The Merchants - Tickets

Sat 21 December - Jacaranda Club, Liverpool
With Maddie Stenberg, Jasmin Nash - Tickets

Sun 22 December - West Street Live, Sheffield
With Caesar Did It, M I L 0, Lost Trends - Free Entry

Sat 28 December - The Fulford Arms, York
With Lyon Estates, Sisters & Brothers - Tickets

Sun 29 December - The Crofters Rights, Bristol
With Cut Throat Francis, The Malarkey - Tickets