M20 Collective: Twisted Tubes

1 Primrose Street

Friday, 24 Apr 2015 – Saturday, 25 Apr 2015

09:30 – 03:00

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On FRI 24 April M2O Collective aim to create an exciting production influenced by a classic 1940’s “Side Show” at 1 Primrose Street. To achieve this we will playfully interact with the theme “twisting it” by making the mudane and ordinary a spectacle whilst closely referencing the dark and mysterious aesthetic of a 1940’s “side show”. Through a mixture of installation, visual and performance art located throughout the venue space we aim to create an interactive visual experience for our guests to explore.


Twisted Tubes (LIVE)

Dub Smugglers (DJ SET) https://soundcloud.com/dubsmugglers

Salutation Dub Collective. (LIVE)

Congo Tuff (DJ SET)

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