Refugee Rhythms #4

Queens Social Club

Wednesday, 10 Jun 2015 – Thursday, 11 Jun 2015

20:30 – 01:00

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We are extremely happy to bring to Sheffield for the first time the marvelous King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band, a multi-sensory, tropical-psychedelic extravaganza that will transport you to a fantastic faraway land. The Flying Swordfish know how to create a unique experience blending live aroma-making, costumes and projections with their original mixture of Afro-Latin sounds. We are seriously not going to enjoy the wait for this.


Mango Rescue Team literally stole the show last time round - I guess it's hard not to when you've got a parrot costume and inflatable palm trees. Combining world music and the avant-garde, Mango Rescue Team aims to link British psychedelic rock with Latin-American and African influences.
The result is a high energy 10-piece band augmenting a standard psych-rock set-up with horns, keyboards and extra percussion. They leap from calypso to funk, from afrobeat to disco with flourishes of flamenco, samba, North African Rai, and Central African rumba while also switching languages, sometimes in between songs.


SINGER, SEAMONSTER, SEQUIN WEARER.. LAZULI needs no description. For the first time at Refugee Rhythms, the Blue Queen of the Sheffield Music Scene will open the psychedelic madness with her unique voice.


Delicious tropical beats to make you bounce and jive and other dancing adjectives. Are you sick of the British weather? Well this set may well just fool you into believing you're on a beach surrounded by coconuts and mangoes. An absolute do-not-miss.

As always we're raising awareness and funds for the plight of refugees within our city. This means they'll be cakes courtesy of Student Action for Refugees, raising funds for the fabulous and essential Conversation Club and ASSIST. As well this time round we're partnering up with the sexy people over at All Ears to raise money and awareness for protecting your hearing, which as music lovers we're right behind.

We're always pretty overwhelmed at the levels of good vibes at Refugee Rhythms, so without further ado, let the radness ensue.....