TAAE X PHS present Teeth of the Sea + The Naturals + Hey Colossus + Blood Sport

Picture House Social, Sheffield

Thursday, 19 Nov 2015 – Friday, 20 Nov 2015

19:30 – 00:00

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In an act of fevered mania, we have vacated our conventional womb-dwelling to bring you a line-up that is rammed full of top-notch quality. In collaboration with Picture House Social, we are proud to present:


Initially formed in North London in a haze of reckless hedonism, gung-ho experimentation and noise-fuelled abandon in 2006, Teeth Of The Sea have traversed a storied and strange journey to arrive at the position they find themselves nearly a decade later - one of the most adventurous, uncompromising and unclassifiable bands to be found anywhere on Earth.

After a number of transformations, 2015 has seen the band set about reinventing themselves once again. What resulted was ‘Highly Deadly Black Tarantula’, their fourth and most furious record yet. Focused yet experimental in approach, dark and aggressive in attitude, it’s a vital reinvention of their sound, abusing technology and warping convention to arrive at a monochrome psychedelia as stylish as it is savage.


With an appreciation for UK soundsystem culture, noise and fervent experimentation, The Naturals emerge with their debut album ‘HIVE’; an account of the journey from inside the very hive-mind that inspired the unique music they create, overseen by Dominic Mitchison and Sebastian Gainsborough (Vessel/Killing Sound).

Finding comfort in the unconventional spaces they find themselves in, The Naturals thrive on a mind-set suited to adaption and provocation. Both brave and prophetic, they challenge the listener to either involve him or herself, or to please leave the hall.


Initially lurching from the UK noise underground in 2003 like a bedraggled audial creature rendered from toxic waste in a VHS horror movie, the musical growth rate of Hey Colossus has been quite a spectacle to observe.

The six-piece London-via-Somerset troupe began 2015 with February’s release of ‘In Black And Gold’ - in which the brawny repetition-driven raunch they built their sound on was furnished and burnished by dub-derived spatial awareness and cinematic drama, making it both a bold reinvention and an uncommonly compulsive avant-rock document. Yet not content with this, the band immediately set about following it up with their second album of the year, and one that further ups the ante on their savagely graceful assault.


Blood Sport formed in Sheffield in 2010, and ever since the trio have forged out arresting sound practices from within the cityʼs hard working art/music community. Their development is now at the stage of surge and attack, with the band’s blistering guitar dynamics & pointed lyrics shuddering and shimmering against the roughhoused techno-gilded polyrhythms.

I’m sure you can agree, this is going to be some night. Prepare to be indulged.

£6 advanced tickets


Picture House Social , 383 Abbeydale Rd , Sheffield