Ladyfest MCR 2015

Islington Mill, Manchester

Saturday, 14 Nov 2015 – Sunday, 15 Nov 2015

12:00 – 02:00

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Ladyfest Manchester 2015 is coming to Islington Mill on Saturday 14th November. Featuring a mix of legendary female performers, local favourites and up-and-coming bands from across the country. Ladyfest MCR will showcase some of the finest female talent in this city and from further afield.

As well as a musical lineup spanning 11 hours across 3 stages we'll have comedy and spoken word, zines, stalls, film and a wide selection of discussions on consent, gender, and sex workers' rights; groups including Sisters Uncut will be presenting and there will be a number of workshops for attendees to learn skills including zinemaking, self defence, photography, music production and more.

*Accessible venue downstairs
*Creche from 12-6pm
*Vegan food available

Lesley Woods (Ex Au Pairs)
Factory Acts
Ajah UK
Esper Scout
Viva Zapata
Wimmins Institute
Holly Robinson
Helen Walford

Wendy Blemmings
Jenny Morgan

Ruby Ann Patterson
Hannah Middleshaw

Rebel Dykes of the 1980's

Radical Self Love & Self Care based on the works of Maya Angelou
Photography workshop
Self defence
Sound production
White Ribbon Campaign (Men against gender violence)
The art of consent
Sex worker rights
Gender matters - or does it?
Sisters Uncut
What is sex?
On the pull - screen printing workshop
Lino printing workshop
Creative space

Main Stage: Vive La Viv
Gallery Stage: Wendy Blemmings

To get involved with Ladyfest Mcr, to volunteer, perform, offer to host a workshop or for anything else, please contact us at

Ladyfest MCR is a fully inclusive space and though our focus is on promoting music, art and women's rights by self-defining female and non-binary artists we WELCOME attendees of all genders.

After the longest time away from any stage Lesley Woods ( ex-Au Pairs front person, guitarist and songwriter ) is back with a solo performance using backing tracks and playing electric guitar. This is a more cabaresque type performance including several re-vamped Au Pairs songs and new material proffering a groovy, soulful, dancey and moving set with cool messages. Not to be missed…..

ILL have been making music since 2O12 and believe in the power of disobedient noise, creating a boisterous swarm of sounds ranging from piano ballads about pinching granny's pills to metal meltdowns about meat, and anything in between...

"Salford post-punk, dark-electro duo at the edge of the analogue-digital divide, sometimes dreaming, always dancing. Cork at heart."
Factory Acts Forecast: Predicted outbreak of synths, high frequencies coming in from the North West with regular smatterings of low bass tones. Intermittent arpeggiators expected with some analogue sequencer squelches.

Together, front women Sam Acquaah and Jaheda, guitarist Louise Anderson, bassist Sarah Kerton & drummer Sophie Wozencraft form Ajah UK, an unsigned, independent and unique Hip-Hop/Rock act making a name for themselves across the UK and beyond. Ajah UK don't conform to the hetero-normative perceptions of women and take pride in this. Music gives each band member a voice and path to freedom and together as Ajah UK they will walk that path beyond all boundaries and limitations. What constitutes their live performances, therefore, is an epic and intense collaboration of words, music and entertainment that cuts the bullshit and represents everything they stand for as musicians and women. human being who loves.

Blues-Swing-Punk from Bristol. Inspired by the greats - Bessie, Nina, Kathleen and Mia.
Formed in the bedrooms of the Trouser Flapping Manor where Joe and Zoe started banging out bluesy-punk tunes. Jenn picked up a bass and Aimee gathered her drums and the band was born!The name is a dedication to Mia Zapata of the Gits (a big inspiration and influence) who was tragically raped and murdered. It is a reminder of the brutality of violence against women, the struggles of gender equality and how badass women never truly die, they live on in the music created in their wake.

All-girl punk rock from London

The Wimmins' Institute (The WI)
An all female punk-pop band from London, formed in 2015, and made up of Jen Denitto and Deb Van Der Geugten (formerly of seminal riot grrrl band Linus) and Cassie Fox and Melissa Reardon (of socialist rabble-rousers Thee Faction). The band are releasing a DIY album this autumn, featuring songs such as 'Mansplaining', 'Your Mum Hates Me' and 'Juno' (potentially the world's first song about caesarean sections).

Esper Scout are a rock band based in Leeds driven by empowering and characterful guitars and bass, passionate lyrical content and dynamic drums.Their sound is bold and engaging with songs and performances that drift through varying moods and a strong, honest will to unite people. The band's direct and focused attitude both live and in the studio leaves audiences drawn in, hooked and willingly shook up by the captivating four piece.

Perkie is a punk singer/ songwriter unlike any other out there shunning acoustic guitars and overtly lovelorn lyrics in favour of the keyboard and something a little more down to earth, she has endeared herself to music fans all over the UK and beyond. She has been in bands such as The King Blues and Resolution 242 and is currently in Autonomads (and Feralus) whist working on other new exciting projects including her next solo releases. Perkie will be heading out on tour across Europe with friends and solo musicians Micky Dey, ME-REX and Gerrard Bell-Fife in October

Stories and ideas conveyed through sparse, fragile melodies, spacious fingerpicking and a generous dose of weird chords.

An American girl with a guitar, sometimes alone, better with friends, a bit of piano, lots of influences, many directions....listen and decide for yourself....

An 18 year old singer/songwriter living in Kilmarnock (Scotland).Holly has been writing her own material since age 14 and has brought her talent to festivals including Maryport Youth Festival and, Cockermouth Rock Festivalas well as making it to the Glasgow area final of Teen Star.

Described as ‘sharp, bright and the beholder of ZERO shame’, Ellen Tomlinson is a Manchester based comic, quickly building a name for herself on the local comedy circuit. Making her debut in 2013 and now a ‘Women In Comedy’ festival & Laughing Cows regular, Ellen was also a finalist at the Real Radio Comedian of the year awards. Armed with an endless collection of embarrassing, bold and relatable observations; Ellen continues to win crowds over with her hilarious tales of bad luck, shame and an ever growing list of ‘life errors’ all as she fast approaches 30.

Hannah Middleshaw is a poet from the North or England. She has recently been published in the "Live from Worktown" anthology. Her work primarily deals with the personal experience and how this can then resonate with us both, individually and collectively."

Manchester based Singer and Writer, Ruby-Ann is a poet of the next generation,infusing song and the written word to create spoken poetry that can engage, infuriate, move and EVOKE THOUGHT.

As part of an ongoing Film Documentary in progress Siobhan will present a riotous presentation with music, images and oral history about the her history as a Rebel Dykes of London. Before there were queer activists, before there were Riot Grrls, there were the Rebel Dykes of London. They were young, they were feminists, they were anarchists, they were punks.They were the first generation of sex positive outlaw women, and nothing has been quite the same since.