Cinenova | Now Showing: Kari Robertson & Judith Barry

The Showroom, London

Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 at 7:00pm - Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 at 8:30pm



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For the November Now Showing, visual artist Kari Robertson will present a film selected from the Cinenova archive alongside her own work-in-progress. The screening explores and builds on her current research into the subject-as-character within post-digital, non-linear narratives.

How do our aging, metabolising bodies fit into contemporary, non-linear temporalities? How do our bodies and the ways we move them become incorporated into the digital vernacular? If we reject claims of disembodiment, and recognise that bodies are pervasive but have different weights and densities can we transcend the false physical-digital binary? And finally, despite being motivated and driven by a post-human capitalism can the queerness of post-digital temporality, offer a real time speculative-fiction beyond the time-space of patriarchy?

Kari has chosen to screen Casual Shopper by Judith Barry from the Cinenova collection alongsider her own work-in-progress.

Judith Barry, USA, 1981, 28mins
Casual Shopper is set in a suburban shopping mall. To the sound of muzak we watch a woman stroll from one store to another, fondling merchandise and pausing only to react to the inquiries of hopeful salespeople.


The Showroom , 63 Penfold Street , London