See You Next Tuesday #2

20th Century Flicks, Bristol

Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017 at 6:20pm - Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017 at 8:30pm



No tickets currently available


Join us at 20th Century Flicks in the special eleven seater cinema for a screening of Born in Flames a feminist science fiction film set in an alternative United States by Lizzie Borden. With a pre short.

17th of January 2017 from 6.20 – 8.30

Please get in touch if you can't afford the entrance fee

See You Next Tuesday.

- - - - -

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is an intuitive response to misogynist culture. It is a reaction to the limits patriarchy puts on us all. It understands this is a fix but it isn’t fixed!

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is a club, a space to come together for sharing skills, strategy, food, adventure, reading, art, action, solidarity. It takes place on a Tuesday (but not every Tuesday).

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY asks questions about the present and imagines possible futures. It is an investigation.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is critical, fierce, ecstatic, queer, playful, feminist. It is old, young, black, white, brown, thin, fat, hairy and bald.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is Jen, Jessy, Jeff, Jack, Jackie, Joseph or Jeanette. It is interested in gender, but not narrow definitions of it.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY exists in Bristol but also anywhere you want it to. It takes up space, virtually as well as physically.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY isn’t funded. It exists occasionally when and where we have the energy.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY isn’t sorry. This club kills Misogyny, SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY.

- - - - -

It starts now in November 2016 partly in response and as a reply to: The Ched Evans and Brock Turner cases; The election of Donald Trump; The Murder of MP Jo Cox; The closure of women’s refuge centres; The online rape and death threats against women; The appointment of Theresa May as Primeminster; The NYE sexual assaults in Cologne; The Orlando Shootings; And and and and...

It takes strength from: Doreen Massey; Nina Power; Girl Gang; Girls Like Us; Guerilla Girls; Polish Pro-abortion protest; F=; Laurie Penny; WASPI; Fanny Pack; Chelsea Manning; Maggie Nelson; The E15 Mothers; Gal Dem; Brave New Alps; Pussy Riot; The female Birmingham City Council workers win on fair pay; and future friends like you.



20th Century Flicks , 18-19 Christmas Steps , Bristol