Space Cassette

Mantra Warehouse, Manchester

Friday, 10 Feb 2017 at 10:00pm - Saturday, 11 Feb 2017 at 4:00am

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We bring you extremely exciting news Earthlings!

Space Cassette presents to you the Autonomous Cryptographic immortal-imaging Decipherer (ACi-iD).

Our boffins have finally managed to decipher the ultimate riddle; now we stand on the brink of opening our ritual’s fourth dimensional contextual memorandum algorithm! In plain terms, ravelings, WE ARE GOING BACK IN TIME!

Specifically, we shall be travelling back to the year 1987 to bear witness to the very first Space Cassette ritual.

As many of you will know, 3 decades ago a group of musicians, artists, shamans and maverick scientists were exposed to the other worldly sounds of the mysterious 'Space Cassette'. Upon hearing this celestial music the group were compelled to hold an ecstatic ritual. This became the first of many such gatherings held by the devoted followers of our Space Cassette cult.

Four of these (mostly*) heroic members, selected for their extraordinary memory capacities, were chosen specifically to observe and encode the very first Space Cassette ritual into their freakishly over-inflated cerebrums.

This was in the hope that we would one day have the ability to decode this information. And thus, accurately relive their shared experience and maintain a firm grip on the true context of our most sacred ritual for future generations.

That day has come! ACi-iD has decrypted the last bits of primary acoustic encoding and shall be congealing them alongside the other visual, elaborative, and semantic memories to reconstruct a biocentric version of that most prestigious event. This will effectively create a full virtual reality experience of that time for your knowledge, pleasure and growth.

Now remember; this is not true time travel in the classic sense. So, you are free to fraternise with the other subjects without fear of effecting our present time or future. However, things were a little different back then. People were rather keen on such activities as body-popping, breakdance and street dance battlings etc. You may wish to disguise yourselves as a street dance crew to avoid any undue distortions within the selective memory vortex.

*DISCLAIMER: We say ‘mostly’ heroic as most of those selected to memorise the ritual ‘heroically’ remained sober for the entire event, to uphold a clear perspective on proceedings. However, one of the four did not. This may result in a few, superficial malformations or distortions within the event as we experience it. But we are confident you shall manage.


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