Space Cassette

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Goto80 - Henge - a.P.A.t.T.

Whilst many have borne witness to the cosmic inspiration provided by the SOUNDS of the hallowed 'Space Cassette', it is not until now that the full extent of the tape's magick potentialities are revealed...

Retro-gaming nerd and newest pseudo sci-fi-entist of the Space Cassette brotherhood, Anders Calsson, has made his first significant discovery in the field of retro-technological researchology. His masterstroke was to take the most venerated Space Cassette and play it through the Datacorder of his ZX Spectrum. Nobody was prepared for what would happen next...

It appears that the experiment simultaneously created and did not create a quantum bubble! A new universe both has and has not been spawned! A tear in reality has allowed computer generated fiction to access the physical realm.

We invite you to enter this quantum bubble with us... On your adventures you may encounter many of the iconic characters from gaming history; but beware! You must also negotiate your way around an extremely low-resolution environment as you attempt to decipher your new 8-bit reality through CGA vision.