Meet Me There Weekender, Ghana

Meet Me There African Home Lodge, Dzita, Ghana, Dzita

Thursday, 15 Mar 2018 at 10:30am - Monday, 19 Mar 2018 at 5:00am

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Celebration of Ghanaian culture through music arts and workshops.

Our sole aim to raise funds for the sanitation and teaching projects that are run by Dream Big Ghana. The festival will be held in the stunning location of The Meet Me There Lodge - the lodge itself is a Not for profit eco lodge which directs all profits back into Dream Big Ghana.

Dream Big Ghana, is a UK registered charity, the mission of Dream Big Ghana NGO is to work with the village communities of Dzita and Agbledomi on sanitation, healthcare, education and youth sports development projects.

The NGO provides practical volunteering opportunities for people from the UK and elsewhere.  The NGO also organises elective placements for health care students. To date there have been 67 toilets built, benefiting around 1340 people.

Music / Arts / Culture

We will be showcasing the best of Ghanaian bands and including DJ’s from around the world.

Our programme includes local ran workshops, ranging from Batik printing, Ghanaian Cuisine, African Drumming and dancing workshops plus many more.

Boat parties and beach activities such as volleyball.

There will be a variety of different styles for accommodation. Ranging from budget rooms to AC luxury rooms.

All accommodation is between 15-50 minute shuttle bus or
taxi away. This is booked on a First come first served basis and we will contact you directly in order to book this.

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Meet Me There African Home Lodge, Dzita, Ghana , Meet Me There African Home Lodge, Dzita, Ghana , Dzita