Música Infinita: New Venezuelan Music

Colectivo Futuro and Olindo Records present a night of traditional Venezuelan music for the 21st century. Showcasing the sounds of London quintet Telajeta, winners of Best Alternative Act at the UK Latin American awards in 2017; and the Paris-based quartet Insólito Universo, playing for the first time in London.


A daring new take on Venezuelan folk by a collective of London-based musicians including the Caracas born Ernesto Marichales on drums and percussion and pianist Joseph Costi, also Australian Greg Gottlieb, London born Greg Sanders and Norwegian singer Åshild Bjørkeng.

Telajeta formed in 2016, launching their first album “Musica de Venezuela in London” on the same year. In 2017, the band won the Latin American UK Award as Best Alternative Act and have also played at some of London’s jazz venues including The Forge, Kansas Smitty’s, and Green Note to name a few.

Insólito Universo:

A Paris based quartet of Venezuelan musicians taking inspiration from a wide range of sources such as psychedelic folk, baroque singing, free jazz, and traditional Latin American music, particularly through the rhythms and instruments of Venezuelan folklore.

Formed by Maria Fernanda, Raúl Monsalve, Edgar Bonilla and Andres Sequera, Insólito Universo is defined by collective adventure and strive to create a sound that draws from its Latin American roots, with more than a hint of jazz, contemporary and experimental music. Achieving true freedom by means of harmonic and electronic exploration and a constant rhythmic dialogue between its members.