Night Shift Manchester

Aatma, Manchester

Saturday, 16 Sep 2017 at 7:30pm - Sunday, 17 Sep 2017 at 2:00am



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Zeitgeist Zero

Alt-wave rock and eerie macabre pop, fusing sultry female vocals with dark, twisted electronics and a determined attitude.
This is a place where dance driven alternative rock, electro-goth and fuzzed up psychobilly bed down with seedy art-house eroticism and jazz-era glamour.

Z0 were on the bill for our first ever show where they practically brought the house down with hugely powerful set so we're really excited to bring them to Manchester for the first time in their 14 years of live shows.

The Webb

Hailing from the Wirral but having made their debut show in Manchester, The Webb have gone from strength to strength ever since. Frequently finding themselves headlining shows in Yorkshire and high on the bill at many a punk festival, they're always in high demand.

Combining elements of punk, goth and electro with a fabulous Siouxsie like stage presence but with a great sense of fun, the webb are always a treat.


Multi-instrumentalists Zheka and Paul, using field recordings, samples, vocals, hurdy-gurdy & whistles, finely craft Elizabethan Industrial with personal protest lyrics.

Formed in Ukraine in 2008 tAngerinecAt have four albums to date and performed hundreds of shows all over UK and Eastern Europe.

Having hugely impressed us at a show in Salford earlier this year we couldn't resist asking this most wondrous act to join us for this show. The show is one of huge passion and energy quite unlike anything else we've ever seen.

Jan Doyle Band

Making waves all around the country wherever they perform this flamboyant duo from Doncaster are never predictable. Mixing elements of industrial, synthpop and goth with unique results.

Fronted by the spectacular Derek Anthony Williams who provides huge amounts of energy and audience engagement at every show whilst Michael Stokes on keys proves that keyboard playing need not be a static robot like task.

A DJ Afterparty will follow the show playing goth, post punk, new wave, 80s, punk and more..


Aatma , 11 Stevenson Square , Manchester