Space Cassette Sheffield

The Abbeydale Picture House, Sheffield

Friday, 23 Feb 2018 – Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

20:00 – 01:00

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Featuring: Henge, Age of Glass, Shunya

"Alien Abduction"

Humans passing by the Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield are attracted into the building by the most unusual bass frequencies ever heard on Earth.

But they have no idea of the fate about to befall them...

Alien intruders overrun the venue, armed with deadly ray guns. Their horrifying news stuns the crowd. This is no Picture House at all. It’s a trick. This is a spaceship. And the humans in the audience are now their prisoners.

These aliens - the evil Sap Lords - have been observing Earth. They are impressed by its inhabitants’ capacity for war.

The planet they rule, Xylanthia, in the Sirius Star System, is engulfed in civil conflict with rebel insurgents.

The Sap Lords now plan to take the abducted human crowd on a dangerous voyage through space aboard their ship – the Gravitron 4000. Once there, the Earthlings will be forced into slavery in a hideous weapons factory.

The humans have one hope. The Xylanthian rebel army – the Freedom Alliance – has liberated a number of political prisoners – including members of bands Age of Glass and Henge.

These musicians are using soundwaves to battle the evil alien rulers. Their Cosmic Rays have already helped to convert most of the remaining Sap Lords to the Freedom Alliance cause.

Can theses musicians finally bring peace to the planet and free the captives...or will the humans be forever doomed to a life of slavery on Xylanthia?


The Abbeydale Picture House , 387 Abbeydale Rd , Sheffield