BCUC live @ TRC

Total Refreshment Centre, London

Monday, 22 Jan 2018 at 7:00pm - Monday, 22 Jan 2018 at 11:00pm

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BCUC is a band like no other: an afro-psychedelic seven-piece from Soweto playing ‘ancestral’ trance within a modern dialect of experimentation and expression. BCUC’s music is conscious and rebellious: they are making music that is so distinctly theirs, it is indeed difficult to reduce their sound and energy to words. Their sound is constantly evolving, yet with their characteristic use of percussion instruments, tambourines, whistles and flutes, male and female singing, BCUC tap into their ancestral spirits to make music that reflect their own identity, pride and resilience: the group is very vocal about the harsh realities of many poor workers in South Africa, and their message is often political. BCUC’s sound is therefore at once fierce and confident. They do not follow any formulas, and it is this very rejection of the status quo that makes BCUC’s music so empowering – and quite frankly, the most exciting thing to come out of South Africa in a long time, confirming Soweto as the country’s Afropolitan hub of artistic creation and freedom.


Total Refreshment Centre , Unit 2a Foulden road , London