Kombucha & Fermentation Workshops

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: FERMENTATION ; will outline all you need to know about the basics of DIY probiotic or 'cultured' foods. We are all becoming increasingly aware of the damage our modern diets have on our health and the havoc they wreak on our bodies. With the rise of illnesses such as IBS, Coeliac, Chronic fatigue, Alzheimers, arthritis and Depression (to name a few), this workshop will give you a starter guide on how to begin to fix up. The relation between gut health and wellbeing or illness is unavoidable and at this workshop you learn how to create food for immunity. The workshop is a hands-on making session whereby you will get to create your own jar of cultured veg to take away. All materials are included along with information sheets and top tips to try out at home. It's informative, it's fun and addictive! ..A little bit of Alchemy!
THIS SESSION RUNS FROM 11.00am - 12.30

2: KOMBUCHA ; Kombucha is a fermented drink that contains beneficial nutrients, enzymes and acids that improve digestion, increase energy and boost immunity. I have been brewing this incredible, fermented drink for years and am happy to share the know-how with you.

Not only is making your own Kombucha fun, but it is significantly cheaper than shop-bought and you can add therapeutic (and delicious!) flavours.

Participants receive their own SCOBY, starter liquid and a handout with brewing instructions to take home. I also offer full follow-up support via phone or email to ensure your brewing success!

Each session is a cost of £25 per person with a special offer of ⭐️£40 per person if you attend both workshops ⭐️⭐️