Peach #16 – Alabaster DePlume, Rathisa, Rebecca Salvadori

Total Refreshment Centre, London

Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

19:00 – 23:00

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Alabaster DePlume
Peach #16
Thursday 22nd February
7pm – 11pm

OTD – £9
OTD (unwaged) – £6
ADV – £7
ADV (early ticket) – £6

Featuring: Sarathy Korwar, Rebecca Salvadori, Sandro Mussida, Alabaster, + more TBC

Remember it’s only a show. And the best thing about it is the people. And we are blessed to have this, to share with you –––


The sensitivity and openness in the spirit of the man we’re privileged to welcome here promises massive things for our souls tonight. Award winning percussionist & composer Sarathy Korwar, trained internationally, whose influence spans genres, whose ascendency is celebrated in many spheres of the industry, brings us the pure voice of his solo project Rathisa. From supporting Kamasi Washington, performing for the Dalai Lama, with mentorship from Fourtet and Gilles Peterson, through 2016's Ninja Tune release Day To Day, Sarathy's approach seems to remain personal, direct, open and relentless in its tenacity and devotion to the glorious.


With an eye that cuts through all the bullshit and and grabs the essential point of things, this key player of the East London scene, becoming more and more widely celebrated, is also broadening her output and message. The film-maker collaborates tonight with luminary live/electronic composer and cellist Sandro Mussida, on a film and music piece called Synchronized and Non-synchronized Exercises of Arrhythmic Empathy. It's a development of Rebecca's visual language "Euroemptiness", and shows the latest milestone of her unique vision. The product of intensive development, it arrived "like the final push of a birth... like breathing"... She says, "its just that moment where what your doing guides you and gives you back... your not doing something ... something is doing you"


Creating a new band each month, and fresh material, for this residency show Peach, saxophonist/vocalist Alabaster is also celebrating his latest single on Lost Map “They Put The Stars Far Away”, ahead of the release of his album, recorded at the Total Refreshment Centre, The Corner of a Sphere.
He is joined by Sarathy Korwar, Sandro Mussida and other special guests. While making a connection between communities a core creative priority, Alabaster is dedicated to live creative moments, and to ruthless personal displays of honesty, and a love of humanity, in his delivery of politicized experimental pop.
"Totally unique... very, very brilliant indeed" – BBC R3

Defining and inspirational image produced as ever by epic designer and musical practitioner Raimund Wong

This is the only community that could support the growth of our show, and the development of the work that we make here. Bless the Total Refreshment Centre, and every soul who makes it what it is.


Total Refreshment Centre , Unit 2a Foulden road , London