Social Service with Darryl Marsden and Chris E

The Greatstone Hotel, Manchester

Saturday, 28 Apr 2018 – Sunday, 29 Apr 2018

21:00 – 02:00

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Always a pleasure to be welcoming new guests to The Greatstone Hotel.
April's Social Service brings not one but TWO new guests to grace the decks of the boogie basement in the shape of Darryl Marsden and Chris E.

Hoping by now that you trust us with our guest DJ selections, as we choose carefully based on the key criteria of
1. Can make you dance
2. Not a total dick (nobheads - the good kind - are fine tho obvs!)
...but just for the spotters out there here are some important facts about Darryl and Chris.

Darryl Marsden:
> Host of Ghetto Child;
> One busy dude - not only djing at Liverpool Disco Festival, Reform Radio, Refuge etc but busy promoting top notch nights of his own and hosting a plethora of awesome guests from across the world (who are all much too important to play for us so it's a good job we love going to his nights anyway!)
> Lays claim to be Manchester's foremost DJing pie connoisseur*

* Clearly he's not heard the Social Service crew's recent Pound Bakery pasty-tasting on Reform Radio. Gauntlet thrown down. Get those pastries in the oven Les!

Chris E
> Co-host of Better Days
> Been playing awesome music in Manchester for tiiiiime! In fact, stattos - our own Ladybeige once cut her teeth doing a 15 minutes of fame set at one of Chris's nights about 400 years ago!
> Undisputed owner of the Manchester DJ community's best hair and biggest grin!**

** Let's face it there'll be limited competition for this title on the night given the grumpy baldies that we usually have on :)

Resident grumpy baldies supporting on the night will be Brodderz, Charlie Beck and Ladybeige (own hair)

TICKETS will be on sale from Sunday 18th March, 9pm.


The Greatstone Hotel , 841-845 Chester Road , Manchester