MXMJOY Featuring Dennis Bovell on the controls

Total Refreshment Centre, London

Friday, 20 Jul 2018 – Saturday, 21 Jul 2018

20:00 – 03:00

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If you can only pick one jazz-influenced post-punk band to listen to, make sure it is Maximum Joy.... - Bob Moore

We are extremely excited to welcome Maximum Joy to Total Refreshement Centre!
If you've been a regular at TRC from the early days, you know that tunes like 'Searching for a Feeling' ,'stretch' and 'silent street' have been played over and over again, to this day it stil is one of the most played tunes over here...

Their set will be mixed live by the legendary dub master and producer extraordinaire: Dennis Bovell.
This man helped transform the music of many key post-punk acts into funky new shapes with a dub aesthetic.
Thompson Twins, The Pop Group, The Slits, Orange Juice, Maximum Joy and many others benefited from his expert touch.
More recently, the Glasgow band Golden Teacher enlisted his peerless studio techniques for their ‘Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell at the Green Door’.

Formed in 1979, Maximum Joy was originated by Janine Rainforth (singer/violin/clarinet) and Tony Wrafter (saxophonist/trumpeter, previously of another Bristol band, Glaxo Babies). Other founder members were Charlie Llewellin (drums, also previously of Glaxo Babies), John Waddington (guitar, formerly of Pop Group) and Dan Catsis (bass, previously of Glaxo Babies and Pop Group). In the wake of the infamous Pop Group and taking from the hotbed of musical influences driving the scene at the time, the band developed their own unique version of the post-punk Bristol sound. Their groove combined punk, reggae, soulful jazz, funk and wild improvisation with daring and often panache... It hits the spot as much now as it did then... And the beat goes on...


Total Refreshment Centre , Unit 2a Foulden road , London