Planet Zogg 18th Birthday Party

Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Friday, 21 Sep 2018 – Saturday, 22 Sep 2018

23:00 – 06:00

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**Planet Zogg celebrates 18 years in earth orbit!!**


We'll be throwing a big 18th birthday party on Fri 21st September at Yellow Arch and we hope you can come along. When we did the first parties at the Otherside in 2000 we'd got no idea that we'd still be doing regular parties all these years later. But somehow people have kept coming and, 18 years later, we're still here. The music has evolved but hopefully the same friendly up-for-it vibe has remained with Zoggers old and new.

We'd love to see plenty of faces from years gone by - so if you know anyone from "t'olden days" - invite them in plenty of time so they can sort out a baby sitter/passout and relive the old days!!

As its a big birthday - we thought we'd get some of our family & friends from over the years to play to help us celebrate...

//Zogg Vortex

Sabretooth / Ben Fraser -LIVE
DJ Pod
Greg Zogg

//The Disco of Doom

Papa Al
Frozac b2b
Mr Meerkat
Gandhi Warhol

Plus cosmic visuals, Freak Street Café cafe, performers and lots of surprises. And remember...



Yellow Arch Studios , 30-36 Burton Road , Sheffield