Dulcet Tones 1st Birthday: SIREN DJs + LIVE VJ

Hideout, Brighton

Friday, 15 Jun 2018 – Saturday, 16 Jun 2018

23:00 – 05:00

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SIREN DJs are a key part of SIREN: a London-based collective formed through a desire to challenge and re-define current perceptions in dance music, promoting women, nb artists and others underrepresented in the scene via various strains of media and performance such as zines, radio shows, their online platform and of course their parties.

Comprised of JAY, Moonbow, and Sybil, the SIREN DJs bring techno and bass into the realms of the stratospheric, the broken, the alien, in a manner continually innovative as well as consistently thrilling. They host a regular NTS podcast where they showcase both their talents as well as those of their contemporaries from across the world, alongside producing their own SIREN Mix Series with more guests.

Their Crack mix, dropping in February as the 187th installment of the magazine’s mix series, is a thing of beauty, aptly described as ‘90 minutes of magical textures and alien party sounds.’ Given the crew’s multimedia sensibilities, it would be wrong for this Dulcet Tones event to feature purely audio sensations, which is why they are bringing along their VJ, Fran to make it a multi-sensory experience.

For this edition we are moving to Hideout, a new club on Brighton seafront. Same deal, dark room, Funktion-One, and plenty of good times to be had. Everyone welcome on the dancefloor.


Room 1


- DT Residents


Room 2

- Line-up TBA


As this is our 1st birthday event we'll be pulling out all the stops. Expect all that is usually expected from a Dulcet Tones event:

- FREE fruit
- Live Orchestral Loops
- Homemade lighting
- + much more...!

See you on the dancefloor


Hideout , 210-214, Kings Road Arches, 210 Kings Rd, Brighton , Brighton