Decolonise Fest 2018

DIY Space for London, London

Saturday, 23 Jun 2018 – Sunday, 24 Jun 2018

13:00 – 23:00

Decolonise Fest 2018 is a three-day London DIY punk festival collectively organised by and for people of colour, taking place on 23-24 June 2018.

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Alpha Maid (solo)
Bob Vylan
Fish Police
Great Wight
Kapil Seshasayee
Ms. Mohammed
No Home
Secret Power
Shocks Of Mighty
Nova Twins

+++ Vegan food from 3pm til late from Tipsy Black Sheep +++

1PM-2.15PM: Community Bystander Intervention @ MAIN HALL
As neo-nazi's march through the streets of London, facing little resistance, and are proud to call themselves racists, we must come together and raise our voices to make it clear this is not the world we want to live in. The workshop will give a brief overview of colonial exports of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. And do practical exercises on what we can do to stand up to the hatred.

1.30-2.45PM: Language Workshop @ CHILLOUT ROOM
This workshop is focused on reclaiming the culture and identity that first generation and second generation migrants often had to lose to assimilate. This poetry workshop is intended to create a safe space where we can recite and create together as a process of healing. This will be open to everyone, from experienced writers to people who have never written before, as well as performers and those who want to be able to present and put themselves out there. Writing is a reflection of you and sometimes you can only express that in your mother's tongue because the western tongue can never carry that same sentiment and gravity.

2.30PM-4PM: Intergenerational Punx: Exploring the Lives of Punx of Colour in the ‘80s and ‘90s @ MAIN HALL
Ever wondered what being a punk of colour was like in the 70s, 80s, and 90s? Our speakers will share their experiences of how they got involved in the punk scene, how they built networks with other punks of colour, and what is it about the music, lifestyle, fashion that still influences their life choices today? Our panelists include Melodie Holliday from Art Trip and the Static Sound, Debbie Smith from Echobelly, Mitch Flacko from Hagar and the Womb, and Poulomi Desai.

3.30PM-5.30PM: Qraft Bistro Resistance craft workshop @ SHOP
Qraft Bistro are running a resistance craft workshop which will be led by International Nobody, Dorothy Damage and the Mollusc Dimension. Create and craft your QTIPOC heroes and figures of resistance to make a collage of ‘resist’ lettering, which we will frame with lights and photograph. You’ll also be able to create signs of resistance and calls to action, which we will photograph with a polaroid camera and hang up. We want this activity to be a community-based, joyful queer archive that centres the stories of us and our queer forebears. We hope to eventually make these crafts and photos into an exhibition that the community can continue to contribute to.

5PM-5.30PM: Alpha Maid (solo) -
6PM-6.30PM: Stanfield
7PM-7.30PM: Secret Power-
8PM-8.30PM: Fish Police -
9PM-9.30PM: Kapil Seshasayee -
10PM-10.30PM: The Great Wight -



+++ Vegan food from 2.30pm - 9pm from Maame +++

1PM-2.15PM: Decolonising Drawing @ MAIN HALL
Jacob V Joyce will facilitate a roundtable discussion centred around the practice of drawing. They will discuss how illustration can archive and illustrate radical imagination and be a powerful tool for political change; from afro-futurist explorations of cruising culture to archival projects and satirical clapbacks. The workshop will invite participants to take part in a mural making session.

2.30PM-4PM: Patches and Pakoras: Desi Identities in the Punk Scene @ MAIN HALL
Desi artists have long influenced the punk scene, with seminal bands like Voodoo Queens, Cornershop and The Tuts bringing attention to race politics and misogyny in the scene and beyond. Join our incredible speakers in a celebration of South Asian punks as we explore the history and evolution of desi identities in punk. PANELISTS: Nadia Javed (The Tuts), Anamik Saha (Finlay/Goldsmiths), TextaQueen

2.30PM-3.45PM: Vulnerability: Tears and Feminism @ CHILLOUT ROOM
In this discussion, we will be breaking down the idea of 'vulnerability', specifically how it relates to women of colour's experiences. Can expressions of vulnerability be powerful? Can vulnerability be manipulative? Who is allowed show vulnerability? And finally, what does this understanding of radical softness mean for our understanding of feminism? Join us for an hour of dissecting and (hopefully) reconstructing, our preconceived notions of vulnerability, with lots of laughter, some awkwardness, but most importantly, openness and honesty.

4PM-6PM: Self-Care Beauty Salon @ SHOP
For people of colour living under a capitalist white supremacist society is draining, stressful and traumatic. We want to offer a space for you to have put your self-care first and escape your surroundings for a few minutes. This salon will offer a head wrapping service from Tobi, extension tutorial from Dayna and nails by Jon.

5PM-5.30PM: No Home -
6PM-6.30PM: Shocks of Mighty -
7PM-7.30PM: Ms Mohammed -
8PM-8.30PM: Guttfull -
9PM-9.30PM: Bob Vylan -
10PM-10.30PM: Nova Twins -
We will celebrate all the brilliant punx descended (through one or both parents) from the original inhabitants of Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Australasia, North America, and the islands of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean.

As we do this, we are rewriting the rules and challenging those labels. We are DIY Diaspora Punx.

We are reasserting our place in punk and want to showcase the amazing, creative and talented contributions punx of colour have made to the punk scene since its inception.

We are loud and proud and demand the space we deserve.

We are uncompromising and strong and will dismantle the white supremacy and patriarchy that infests the punk scene.

We will talk about racism but not in a way that centres whiteness or prioritises the feelings of white people. No white tears.

We are truly putting the threat back into punk again.

We will decolonise punk and make it a space for our siblings.

We will not tolerate racism, ageism, sexism, transphobia, classism, ableism, homophobia or fatphobia.

This is a celebratory event. White allies are welcome but remember this event will focus on people of colour.

Decolonising our past to decolonise our future.
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DIY Space for London , 96-108 Ormside Street , London