MOVED TO GIANT STEPS – PEACH #19 – Emma Jean-Thackray, Alabaster DePlume, Primordial Soup

Giant Steps , London

Thursday, 28 Jun 2018

19:00 – 23:00

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=+=+= This Peach will now happen at unbelievable new space (+sound system culture) GIANT STEPS in Hackney Wick, that's in Swan Wharf, Dace Road, E3 2NN, more details below on the facebook page... =+=+=

This might be the last one for a while. Recently visited by Gilles Peterson who said it “blew my mind”, this is the development show where we make a new band each month, and the best thing about it is the people.

Award winning legend of the recent jazz explosion in London, Emma has a dry delicious vibe. Composer, producer, arranger, instrumentalist and actual human being, we don’t know exactly what she will be doing tonight. It might involve solo trumpet? She says: “Wanna make something wild and fun and thoughtful and groovy and relaxing and uplifting and sad and nuts and great”. It's an honour and a thrill to welcome her here at Peach, and to anticipate what we will do.

Fresh performance outfit using punk to share a sense of humour and dread equally, we are blessed to celebrate with you the joy spirit and presence of these bold and powerful young women. The poet Stella Kietzi says of them: "they serve the soup that brings us back to that natural state, the primordial soup acts like a psychedelic in a sense as it reveals the first pieces of our souls"

Following critical praise for his new album The Corner of a Sphere (recently Gilles Peterson's album of the week), developed here at the Total Refreshment Centre, the saxophonist, composer and performer is our host tonight, presenting fresh material with a brand new band each month. Peach is the show where he develops his unique approach to performance and composition, described in the Guardian as “one of the most thrilling performances I’ve seen this year; a reminder of how vital and adventurous music can be”. His band this month includes Emma Jean Thackray, and others TBA...

Poster design as ever provided by the exceptional discerning skill and spirit of Raimund Wong.

The community here is responsible for precious and irreplaceable moments and creative works.

– Regarding DJs and accompanying players, to be announced soon...

OTD – £9 (concessions for unwaged + if you've travelled from out of London)
ADV – £7
Early ticket – £6


Giant Steps , SWAN WHARF , London