Algorave Sheffield

Access Space, Sheffield, Sheffield

Friday, 6 Jul 2018 – Saturday, 7 Jul 2018

19:30 – 01:00

Tickets now off sale, door entry £6

It's been *ages* since we had a straight-up algorave in access space.. Lets do the 0s and 1s like the old days.

Line up so far:
Wiping your brain with quantised noise since '16, back in Sheffield after far too long..
* Khoparzi
Visiting from Algorave India
* Qirky
Foxdot instigator down from Leeds
* Innocent
Sheffield's own foxdot challenger
* Class Compliant Audio Interfaces
Algorave Sheffield residents dialing algorithmic techno up a notch

Plus! Special remote performances linking with international friends:
* Tadokoro
Streaming in live coded a/v from Tokyo
* Olivia Jack streaming in live coded visuals from Bogotá


Access Space, Sheffield , 3-7 Sidney Street , Sheffield