James Ewan Tait & Robbie Thompson

Bishops' House, Sheffield

Tuesday, 7 Aug 2018

19:30 – 21:30

James Ewan Tait and Robbie Thompson end their short tour together with a special homecoming show in the stunning 500 year old, half-timbered Bishop's House, nestled at the top of Meersbrook Park.

- Robbie Thompson -

Reflective, lyric driven folk, inspired by the post-industrial North of England.

"As member of much-travelled collective The Buffalo Skinners, Robbie Thompson is one part of a whole who spend their time traversing folk, rock, blues and country with a Yorkshire grounding. In his solo work, however, he takes several steps back from the Skinners’ full-bodied, rumbling storytelling and instead uses songs to pick out moments, giving them room to breathe."
- Now Then Magazine

"Utterly beautiful" - BBC Introducing

- James Ewan Tait -

Experimental singer-songwriter noted for his deeply personal delivery and impressive vocal range.

“Tait's unmistakable croon immediately brings to mind the late, great Jeff Buckley, and there is also a degree of musical similarity in his combination of sombre and meaningful tones with a relaxed and cheerful air shining through.
Like all the best vocalists, Tait allows his voice to become strained and cracked with emotion as he reaches the highs and lows of expression [...] proving beyond doubt that Tait can master the whole spectrum of honest emotion.”
– Now Then Magazine

“This remarkable songwriter is producing some uniquely enjoyable music.”
- Pink Wafer


Bishops' House , Norton Lees Ln , Sheffield