Space Cassette

Siren Asylum, Salford

Saturday, 6 Oct 2018 – Sunday, 7 Oct 2018

22:00 – 04:00

The Age of Glass /// The Evil Usses /// Shunya
+ DJs Talos 4000 and Burnibus

The deep. More than 1000 fathoms below the surface of the ocean. Until the late 19th century humans believed there was no life on the ocean bed. Indeed, even in the twentieth century scientists continued to imagine that life at great depth was insubstantial, or somehow inconsequential. The eternal dark, the almost inconceivable pressure, and the extreme cold that exist below one thousand meters were, they thought, so forbidding as to have all but extinguished life.

In fact the reverse is true.... down there, in those murky depths... exists...

Join the Space Cassette expedition on their descent into the abyss! Climb aboard our trusty submarine 'Das Bootybass 2000' and prepare yourselves for the voyage of a lifetime! Get ready, because its about to go down...


Siren Asylum , 24 Missouri Avenue , Salford