Theatre Deli Sheffield, Sheffield

Friday, 14 Sep 2018 – Saturday, 15 Sep 2018

20:00 – 03:00

GUYS WE HAVE MADE OUR DEBUT ALBUM, ‘SEXY FUTURE’!!!!!! It is full of our cosmic ecstasy sound vibrations and to celebrate its release we are gonna throw the biggest & most cosmic party Sheffield has ever seen!!! COME DANCE WITH US!!! THIS IS GONNA BE HUUUUUGEEEE!!!

We have invited some of our favourites musical friends to join us paint the universe with sonic euphoria… expect transcendent sounds, immersive japes, costumes aplenty, intergalactic vibrations & a night to remember !!! On the line up are...

CAPTAIN AVERY & THE COSMIC TRICERATOPS OF INTERGALACTIC PEACE: Space Funk! Cosmic Afrobeat! Celestial Hi-Life! Space Shanties! Dino-Jazz! Tropical Punk! Mutant Disco!!! It's us!!!

SOLAR LOVE PARADE: formed from the ashes of much-loved Steel City Rhythm & Hot Diamond Aces this smokin’ hot gang of space freaks bring you a pulsating hybrid of reggae, funk, dub and disco to wilden up your dance floor gyrations

YO DYNAMO: Quite frankly the most spectacular and powerful live band on the scene right now… imagine the extravagant lovechild of Lightning Bolt & Battles & a ten thousand strong Taiko Drum troupe and you are getting close to the joyous soundwaves these guys generate

PLANET ZOGG DJs: The Psychedelic Overlords of this wonderful city will blast us into the stratosphere with a specially crafted cosmic set of the finest tunes existence has ever produced … no introduction is needed here, this crew is legendary!!!

MANGO DISCO DJs: These funk dervishes will take you astral travellin’ to the funkiest corners of this far-flung world… expect Cumbiatronica, tropical house, afro-groove disco, world beats aplenty

OUTDOOR SCENE: Cosmic chillwave from mystery man AKA Outdoor Scene … guaranteed to asteroid belt your intergalactic chakras, this shit is beautiful… expect transcendence

SUNSHINE PIZZA COMPANY: the most insanely tasty street food you have ever eaten, end of!

CELESTIAL BROC: our very own Vibez Queen will dish up a platter of cosmic disco bangers to funk up your dance shoe rhythm gymnastics

We have had an incredible ride and we could not have made this album without the absolutely beautiful crowds of Sheffield and beyond to inspire us!! Come join us party to celebrate!! WE LOVE YOUOUUUUU!!! (Sheffield is so full of ******* HIPPIES!!!)


Theatre Deli Sheffield , 202 Ayre Street , Sheffield