The Greatstone Hotel, Manchester

Friday, 19 Oct 2018 – Saturday, 20 Oct 2018

20:00 – 02:00

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Calling all you budding stars, lip synch queens and bedroom djs looking for your 15 minutes of fame - you have been invited to a very special inaugural event from Piecrust Promotions - STARS IN YOUR PIES!!

For one night only we will be transforming the Greatstone Hotel into a stage and shining the spotlight on YOU to provide the entertainment.

You've all seen the show before. Well we've got the smoke machine and the spangly curtain, now all we need is YOU to transform yourself into the star of your choice and to sing (or just lip synch for your life) to the song of your choice.

PLUS - Love the Greatstone but sick to death of hearing those nobs from The Social Service with their nauseating 80s boogie selections? Think you can do better and got an awesome selection of pop belters gathering dust in the box room? Good because the music will be provided by you too! Looking for enthusiastic selectors to share with us their 15 MINUTES OF FAME. No actual DJ skills required - just some records and your best mojo.

Too shy to sing or dj - it's OK - every show needs it's audience. We will be putting out the tables for the show, so grab yourself a slab of pie and sit back and soak up the madness, EVERYONE is invited to dress up as the star of their choice. Or just wear your normal threads but risk being mistaken for Ed Sheeran/Nana Mouskori.

This will be like the Saturday night in of your dreams, except you're out, except it'll feel like you're at home. Bear with us on this one...

Importantly we're hoping to raise a whole heap of money for charity while having a massive laugh with a selected bunch of awesome people


The Greatstone Hotel , 841-845 Chester Road , Manchester