CLUB Pelicon with PLO Man & DJ Eliot

The White Hotel, Salford

Saturday, 13 Oct 2018 – Sunday, 14 Oct 2018

23:50 – 07:00

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‘What we must lose now is this insidious, corrosive knowingness, this need to collect and contain.

We must open our brains which have been stopped and plugged with random information, and once again must our limbs carve in air the patterns of desire - not the calibrated measures and slick syncopation of jazz-funk but a carnal music of total release.’


Mesmerising ambience and undertones of rave euphoria have become, to many, the leitmotif of the Acting Press label. Founding member PLO Man has mystified people across the globe with his excursions through truly emotionally deep and timeless music. Visit the archives of BCR or Trushmix to gather more info.




Twisting through a broad sphere of influences, French visual artist DJ Eliot has built a reputation for her diverse and intriguing sounds encompassed in her enviable catalogue of radio appearances, podcasts and residencies. Discover more below.

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The White Hotel , Dickinson Street , Salford