Equaliser Winter Party with Jay & Sybil (Siren)

Sheaf St, Leeds

Saturday, 8 Dec 2018 – Sunday, 9 Dec 2018

22:00 – 04:00

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The cold dark months are approaching and we're ready to present our very first freaky winter party! Bringing you the best suited artists and sound to accompany this seasonal change...

Jay and Sybil (SIREN/NTS)
Individually Sybil and Jay play music from quite different musical palettes, whilst Sybil is more likely to reach for fast euphoric broken techno, Jay plays moody conga-based minimal and sassy electro. Yet, when they combine their musical forces together to play back-to-back, they create something that is truly greater than the sum of their parts. Their back to back sets developed at underground parties around South London, these include a famed rave in a car wash at the start of 2017, a party at an abandoned school, and playing on Halloween deep in the woods. They both see parties from a holistic view and think deeply about the arc of the whole night and where their set fits into that when they play. Their close friendship formed through partying together as well as sharing music with each other shines through when they play together. Not afraid to take risks, they bounce off each other, chucking in amusing edits or playing records at the wrong speed, creating fun and playful sets that might go in any direction.

Carlos (LIVE) Equaliser/Brudenell groove/cong burn
Charlotte aka Carlos Bozley aka Midnight Carl explores space and texture in her live hardware sets, moving between ambient soundscapes, wonky downtempo and electro bumpers, fused together by her characteristically meandering melodies and dense, warm synths. Check out her tape on Cong Burn for a taste:



Sheaf St , 3 Sheaf Street , Leeds