Bakk-Heia w/Intergalactic Gary (Extended Set)

The White Hotel, Salford

Friday, 15 Feb 2019 – Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

23:50 – 08:00

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For February’s Bakk-Heia, we are mega chuffed to announce a rare appearance from Intergalactic Gary, straight outta The Hague (via the outer reaches of the cosmos). Even more chuffed to tell you that we’ve battened down Gary for an extended DJ set, giving him the chance to stretch his musical legs and share with ya’ll freaks the magic of space travel.

Dutch native Intergalactic Gary, alongside side his friend and collaborator I-F, has come to define what people refer to as the Dutch West Coast Sound. Italo stompers and Acid bumpers sit next to Detroit Techno and interplanetary Electro. It’s a combination that has come to sound uniquely dutch! Thanks in part to the tireless craft honing of IG.

Beginning his musical life on the dance floors of The Hague in the early 80s, IG aka John Scheffer absorbed Italo Disco and the european Electronic sounds of the times. Hooked by Italo’s strange meeting between cold synths, driving drum programming and passionate vocal lines, IG began collecting records. Fast forward a few years and IG began getting involved with the Hague squat scene, this coinciding with the influx of Detroit Techno and Chicago House in european record shops and dance floors. During this era, a much harder and faster form of techno and Gabba was becoming very popular in Europe, and although IG consciously avoided these sounds, there’s a certain no nonsense-rawness in his attitude to music that may owe a little to his exposure to that scene.

During the mid 90s, Gary met Viewlexx records boss and Hague legend I-F and went on to collaborate with him on a string of club ready, mutant dance tracks as The Parallax Corporation and later as The Conservatives ; music that sits somewhere between Italo, Electro and Techno, records which have since gained a cult following.

We can’t wait to welcome Intergalactic Gary for an extended set in our smoke filled paradise.


DJ support for Gary on the night comes in the form of the Bakk-Heia records crew, comprising of

Bitzer Maloney - Bakk-Heia founder and chief vibe provider.


Schuttle - ambient drones meets George Micheal on a pinger.


Attic Salt - lawman and collector of mind melters of all descriptions.

This gig will mark the launch of BAKK-HEIA Records, a long running idea of ours to get together and put some music out. This is something we have spent many hours working on and really believe in! So we’re are extremely buzzing to announce our first release, BH001 - a beautiful 4 track EP from our kid Schuttle. With Jorg Kunning lined up for BH002.

Pre-orders available SOON!


The White Hotel , Dickinson Street , Salford