Aquarius Season

wharf chambers, Leeds

Saturday, 26 Jan 2019 – Sunday, 27 Jan 2019

23:50 – 04:00

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Aquarius Season is an astrology-inspired clubnight soundtracked by emerging talent and led by the stars. As the new year arrives, the water bearer nourishes the earth with new life; a vision and energy to grow and embrace the future. Community through individuality, freedom through change – these are the modi operandi of the air sign, which we will celebrate in fine style at Leeds co-op space Wharf Chambers.


£5 - limited tickets available in advance:


♒️ Anz ♒️
Your quick mind and even quicker blends will have you racing through today, dear Aquarius. Speed and liveliness surge through your craft, whether you’re playing house stormers alongside garage groovers or electro belters against grime smashers. Every style of electronic music holds a world of possibilities and you should leave no stone unturned. People know you for your exhilarating DJ sets, your reliably brilliant NTS Radio show and of course your release for Manchester crew Chow Down. Your autumn/winter dubs have coursed through the crisp air to give life to a season that thirsts for it and your ebullient friendliness sets the vibe for any room you step in. Tonight the room and floor is yours; perhaps you’ll finally be free of all limitations but for the ceiling and walls – rumbling bass will make short work of those.

♒️ Akash ♒️
You’ve always been itching to let your actions do the talking – today especially so. True to the fixed nature of your sign, you have a knack for building ideas into something tangible, creating more than 75 funky, garage and RnB edits in 2018 alone. It’s clear you do this for others as much as yourself. Whether it’s at the Tate, on NTS Radio or at your own Sin City clubnight down in London, bringing smiles to your friends and charming crowds with your sounds is your game. Today will call for you to be loyal and honest to yourself, to stick to your guns and rediscover the call to share your ideas with the world. You’re named for the sky, but it’s up to you to fly.

♓️ Docterre & TAYSTII ♑️
Fixed air signs headline but liquid, mutable Pisces and earthy, cardinal Capricorn play the part of resident DJs tonight. Artistic intuition and tenacious graft ensure all basses are covered: dancehall, reggaeton, hip-hop, footwork, bassline, techno, hardcore, club beats, riddims, bait anthems, whatever is necessary.


Please support Wharf Chambers by buying your drinks from the bar. People found bringing in their own drinks will be asked to dispose of them or leave them at the door.

Season aims to be an inclusive and positive club environment.

We will not stand for prejudiced behaviour including (but not restricted to) sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, ageism, classism and sizeism.

We would ask our guests to reject binaries, respect people’s boundaries and refrain from making assumptions about other guests. We expect our guests to share these ideals and practise them in their lives outside of the event too. We respect the rights of our guests to challenge behaviours which cause themselves or others discomfort.

If you have any issues on the night, please contact the organisers (Harvey, Helena, or Tayyab) and we will work together to seek a solution. This message will be postered up around the venue with pictures of the organisers to help you recognise us. Additionally, you can ask the Wharf Chambers staff at the bar, door volunteers or another partygoer to find one of us for you.

By attending Aquarius Season, you agree to act in accordance to this policy at the night and in our spaces. People who do not adhere to these guidelines may be asked to leave the party.

This document is available to access a
If you have any feedback or queries, you’re welcome to send an email to us at

Wharf Chambers has step-free access via the back door. There are gender neutral toilets available inside the venue. Wharf Chambers has their own Safer Spaces Agreement. You can find this and their other policies at

Further information on accessibility for Aquarius Season at Wharf Chambers please visit


wharf chambers , 23 - 25 Wharf Street , Leeds