Space Cassette

Siren Asylum, Salford

Saturday, 9 Feb 2019 – Sunday, 10 Feb 2019

10:00 – 04:00

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The year is 2019.
Two intrepid ravers happen across an old ramshakle shed. Its wood is warped, its paint peeling... but, dear friends, we know by now that THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS THEY SEEM...

Ladies and Gentlemen! We invite you to enter the RAVE SHED - a cosmic, time-hopping vessel capable of interplanetary space travel! A phantasmagorical garden craft with the capacity to take YOU back to the future! An intergalactic taxi with a license to leave you baffled by mind blowing paradoxes. Join us on this MOST EXCELLENT adventure!

Step inside the RAVE SHED...
and bravely rave where no raver has raved before.


Siren Asylum , 24 Missouri Avenue , Salford