An evening of Qawali Music

Regather Works, Sheffield

Friday, 25 Jan 2019

19:30 – 22:30

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Shahe Mardaan Qawali group are coming once again to Regather with their mystical music.

These sacred compilations of spiritual music are traditionally performed in gatherings of Sufi masters and seekers of the Divine connection. They are known for taking their audience into a trance like state. " I have heard every type of music but tonight I felt my heart come to life" kala sangam Bradford 2018. "Although I have no belief...this has been a life affirming moment" Todmorden festival 2017.

Shahe Mardan is a group of five musicians from the cities of Sheffield and Bradford. They are steeped in the tradition of this centuries-old music which originated in Persia (now Iran) and moved on to become very significant across South Asia. Their lead singer and harmonium player Mohamed Zubair accompanied the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, well-known for helping to bring Qawwali music to the 'world music' scene. Shahe Mardaan have performed internationally and have signed several recording contracts.

The Musical journey begins at a slow and steady pace. eventually with soaring vocal tones and repetition in the call and response, alongside pounding, intricate rhythms, the audience start to feel the positive energy flowing. By the end people are standing, moving and clapping with big smiles on their faces.

An evening not to be missed


Regather Works , 57-59 Club Garden Road , Sheffield