Stencil Making Workshop for spray paint

DIY Space for London, London

Sunday, 19 May 2019

12:30 – 17:30

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Stencil Workshop
Make Your Own Stencils For Spray Paint Art


Sunday 19th of MAY 2019,
From 12:30 to 17:30 - £5 participatory,
at: DIY Space For London, Unit 1, 96-108 Ormside Street
London SE15 1TF

Produce a spray painted stencil, A3 size, of an image which
you have prepared yourself using an image manipulation program
on a laptop computer.

1. Search and download an image of your own choice from the
internet. For practice purposes we shall be working from portraits i.e
photos of celebrities, famous people etc.
2. Using GIMP transform that image into an appropriate
format/template which will be the basis for a final stencil. You will be
shown how to use specific tools as well as perform basic tasks
within GIMP in order to achieve this task.
3. Print your prepared template and trace/transfer the image onto
Mylar, which is a type of plastic designed specifically for stencils,
with a permanent marker. Then cut out the stencil contours using a
heat pen and finally using spray paint produce the stencil image
onto an appropriate substrate.

What you need:
A laptop computer. All other materials will be provided by us and is
included in the cost of the ticket.

Additional Information:
For the purposes of this workshop we will be using a downloaded
version of GIMP which is a free and open source image editor
similar too or same as Photoshop. If you don ́t have this already
you can just bring the laptop to the workshop where we will
download and install it for you. Alternatively you could download
GIMP before the workshop by going to for the latest
stable version 2.10.6. Previous knowledge of using these programs
is an advantage but not necessary as you will be guided in it ́s
usage. If you wish to get some kind of practice before hand there
are plenty of beginner tutorials on youtube.


DIY Space for London , 96-108 Ormside Street , London