The Social Service 7th Birthday with MARK SEVEN

The Greatstone Hotel, Manchester

Saturday, 29 Jun 2019 – Sunday, 30 Jun 2019

21:00 – 02:00

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Been lucky enough to have been running this ridiculous gathering for 7 years now. 7 fantastic years!!

Our present to ourselves and to you is that we have got our favourite dj and proto-house afficianado flying over from Sweden for the occasion - Mark Seven.

"Producing since 1991 and running labels since 1992, Mark`s current project, Parkway, is inspired by the sounds he first fell in love with: the explosion of creativity that occurred post-Disco. Names like Paul Simpson, Winston Jones and Boyd Jarvis, Emergency and Easy Street. Records with Herb “The Pump” Powers etched in the run-outs. Parkway's sister, Parkwest, is the House side of things, raw, emotional & goosebump-inducing. The associated Parkway Mastermixes make clear Mark's intent: tributes to those Kiss 100 mix-shows; seamless blends and segues of exclusive edits and unknown-to-all-but-a-few Black music releases of the '80s. Unsung tracks that fed into a sound that became House. A history, that without people like Mark, would have already been forgotten."

As Social Service regulars will know we've been happily mining the edgelands between disco and house for some time now - yet we still find new treasures all the time. We've been inspired by Mark's mixes and productions for sometime now. He doesn't play as often over here nowadays, but hearing him in Birmingham last year gave us just the window of opportunity we needed to gently persuade him/badger him to death to come and play for us in sunny South Manchester.

Mark is joining us to play a 3 hour all-vinyl set to a crowd of just over 100 people in a sweaty basement in a glorious history-soaked Stretford hotel,

On top of that you can expect all the giddiness of a Social Service party in our favourite home from home.

This is going to be a birthday party to remember.

The Social Service crew


The Greatstone Hotel , 841-845 Chester Road , Manchester