Buttery Toast Presents: Crumbly Cookies

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Location: Unit 58, Mill Mead Road, N17 9QU

Buttery Toast was born out of a frustration at the decline in house parties in London as people increasingly move into small flats that they don’t wanna mess up. It felt like there was a gap in our lives that needed filling. We wanted to take something of the house party - the carefree feeling and the sense that everyone is mutually connected by one or two degrees of separation - and combine it with the chaos and fun of a warehouse party. Naturally this costs to put on so we get people to pay for entry, but we’re not doing this out of a desire to make money so 100% of our ticket profits go straight to a refugee charity (donate4refugees.org.uk).

This is our 3rd event. The first two events massively exceeded our expectations - both sold out in advance, got rave reviews, and raised a combined Β£1200 for donate4refugees. We’ve been collaborating with some friends from the Royal College of Art to bring film and sculpture installations into the spaces and this time wanted to add a new dimension - live music.

Buttery Toast Presents crumbly cookies will showcase a smorgasbord of live music, DJs, multimedia art and general frivolity.

We're curating a wonderful musical landscape for the evening. To get you started you'll be graced with a platter of guilty pleasures from Buttery Toast soundsystem 🍞 before The Drum Heads πŸ₯ πŸ₯ πŸ₯ kick things off with a live percussive performance. The Disco Jockeys 🐴 🐴 will turn the heat up with 90 minutes of disco and garage. After that, PK fire πŸ”₯ will fill the room with some mammoth tech house beats. As darkness sets in, the Hansup duo πŸ‘ will plunge us down into unchartered depths, when finally, Princess πŸ‘Έ will gently raise your spirits out of the netherworld and into blue skies and sunshine β˜€